Speech Milestones Chart

Speech Intelligibility Expectations (Speech Clarity)

Intelligibility Level

19 to 24 months0%
2 to 3 years0%
4 to 5 years0%
5+ years0%

The charts above are based on information from the following research: Wellman et al., (1931); Poole, (1934); Templin, (1957); Sander, (1972); Prather et al., (1973); and Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation 2, GFTA-2, (2000); Pena-Brooks and Hegde, 2007; LinguiSystems, 2008, McLeod & Crowe, 2018.

When considering the information provided above, caregivers should remember that all children develop their individual sounds differently and that this chart should be used as a general education guide only.

If you have specific questions or concerns regarding your child’s speech you should contact your speech-language

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