Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness involves the ability to hear sounds in words and sentences and to be able to manipulate these sounds in different ways. Below is a list of phonological awareness skills presented in the order in which they develop. Children begin to learn phonological awareness around age 3 and continue to develop these abilities until ages 7 or 8.

Syllable Segmentation3-5Q: Can you tap out the syllables in the word superman?

A: 3 taps
Syllable Blending4-6Q: What word do you get when you put “cow” and “boy” together?

A: “Cowboy”
Rhyming4-5Q: What rhymes with “mat”, “car”, “mouse”?

A: “hat”, “far” and “house”
Compound Word Deletion5 -6Q: Say “rainbow”. Now say it again but don’t say “rain”.

A: “bow”
Initial Sound Isolation5-6Q: What is the first sound in the word “fall”?

A: /f/
Sound Segmentation5-7Q: Say the word “run” and tap each sound.

A: /r/ - /u/ - /n/
Sound Blending5-7Q: What word do you hear when you put the sounds /d/ - /o/ - /g/ together?

A: “dog”
Sound Deletion6-7Q: Say “hat”. Now say it again without the /h/ sound.

A: “at”
Sound Substitution6-8Q: Say the word “tan”. Now change the sound /m/ with the sound /t/.

A: “man”
Sound-Grapheme Matching5-8Q: What letters make the /k/ sound?

A: c and k

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