Language Milestones – 5 Years Old

5 Years Old

Understanding LanguageUsing Language
Vocabulary knowledge continues to grow at a rapid rateHas a vocabulary of approximately 5000 to 8000 words or more they use to communicate
Able to understand speech in noisy, group scenariosSpeaks in adult-like, full sentences
Can tap out syllables in words they hearNarratives become more complex with a plot and characters, however still require the listener to be familiar with the topic
Can start to identify sounds at the beginning of wordsCan adjust the way they speak based on who the listener is (e.g., adult or child) and location (e.g., school or home)
Development of print awareness (e.g., understanding that letters make up words, which have meaning)Grammar during conversation is mainly correct with some complex grammatical errors still occuring
Creates themes in pretend play with many sequences of events that require props and rolesCan label letters and numbers
Begins to understand when to ask for clarification if a message is not understandKnows some letter sounds
Asks for meaning of new or unfamiliar wordsCan make predictions about a book based on pictures or portions of a story
Has a greater understanding of emotion and feeling wordsSays all speech sounds correctly and fluently

Language Milestones

5 Years Old

It is important to monitor your child’s language development milestones right from birth. The following provides a general guideline for behaviours your child should be demonstrating by a specific age for healthy language development.

This chart is meant for informative purposes only and is not a substitute for a speech and language assessment. If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s speech and language development it is recommended you discuss this with your doctor or contact a local speech-language pathologist where you are living.

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