Language Milestones – 0-6 Months Old

Birth to 3 Months

Understanding LanguageUsing Language
Startles to loud noisesMakes reflexive noises such as coughing, burping and sneezing
Appears to recognize parent's voice by quieting or smiling when spoken toSmiles when interacting with a parent or caregiver
Turns head or seems to focus in response to soundsUses different cries to express various needs (e.g., hunger, fatigue, pain, etc.)
Makes cooing noises to express pleasure (e.g., long, vowel-like sounds)

3 to 6 Months

Understanding LanguageUsing Language
Looks in the direction of soundsGiggles and laughs for pleasure
Watches your face while you talk to them
Responds to changes in tone of voiceUses vocalizations to express content or discontent
Pays attention to melody and musicEngages in vocal play (e.g., squeals, shrieks, raspberries, etc.)
Imitates facial expressionsTakes turns vocalizing with an adult

Language Milestones

0 – 6 Months Old

It is important to monitor your child’s language development milestones right from birth. The following provides a general guideline for behaviours your child should be demonstrating by a specific age for healthy language development.

This chart is meant for informative purposes only and is not a substitute for a speech and language assessment. If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s speech and language development it is recommended you discuss this with your doctor or contact a local speech-language pathologist where you are living.

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