Early Grammar Development

Children start to use basic grammar in their second year of life with specific grammatical markers expected to be used at certain ages. As they grow older their grammar should become more sophisticated and adult like.

Grammatical MarkerAge (in months)Example
Present-progressive - ing27-30"Daddy waving"
Preposition "in"27-30"Ball in cup"
Preposition "on"27-30"Hat on table"
Regular plural - s27-30"I see cats"
Irregular Past Tense31-34"Teddy fell
Possessive - 's31-34"I want mommy's drink"
Copula "is"31-34"He is sick"
Articles35-40"I want a cookie" or "I see the cookie"
Regular Past Tense - ed35-40"We walked to school"
Third Person Regular - s35-40"Tommy flies the kite"
Irregular Third Person41-48"He does"
Contractible copula41-48"That man's big"
Contractible auxiliary verb41-48"Molly's eating dinner"

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