Developmental Order of Pronouns

Pronouns are words that can take the place of nouns in a sentence. Children start using pronouns in their second year of life and it is expected that they use certain types of pronouns by certain age ranges.

I1;6 - 2;6I am thirsty
You (singular)2;0 - 2;6You push me
He2;6 - 3;0I think he is fun
She2;6 - 3;0She is big
It1;0 - 1;6It fell down
We3;0 - 3;6No, we need a turn
You (plural)3;0 - 4;0You are silly
They3;0 - 4;0I guess they don't want to
Me2;0 - 2;6Mommy helps me
You (singular)2;0 - 3;0A cookie for you
Him2;6 - 4;0Give it to him
Her2;6 - 4;6Tommy picked her up
It1;0 - 1;6Daddy washed it
Us2;6 - 4;0This book is not for us
You (plural)2;6 - 4;0I see you outside
Them2;6 - 3;6Tigers don't like them
My1;6 - 2;6My teddy
Your2;0 - 3;0I want your candy
His2;6 - 4;0There are his socks
Her3;0 - 4;6I see her foot
Its3;0 - 5;0I touched its nose
Our3;0 - 5;0This is our room

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